Department: D.EDU.FIS.A.M


Institut d' investigació: ICIE

Area: Didactics of Plastic Expression

Research group: Cultural pedagogies research group


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universitat de València with the thesis Lladró. Análisis de la creación cultural de una estética de la tradición industrial de la cerámica valenciana a la recepción social de una marca 2012. Supervised by Dr. Ricard Huerta.

Professor of artistic education at the Didactics Department of Physical, Artistic and Music Education and researcher at the University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations at the University of Valencia. He is a member of the CREARI research group, and coordinator of the Mixed UV+UPV Ephemeral Research Unit. He has directed the Identitart research project, and participates in national and European research projects. He has a degree in Art History and Fine Arts and a Doctorate in Art and Philosophy. He has developed research stays in centers and universities in various cities, such as A Coruña, Porto, Palermo, Lisbon, Paris and Rome, among others. They define themselves as writers of images and visuals and believe in the value of the arts to build complex knowledge.